10 Mobile Apps created by African Americans


The app helps students win scholarships for college.Trying to find scholarship money can be difficult, this app helps parents and children by assisting in the hopes of making the journey easier. The app allows users to have access to get matched with scholarships by using customized searches.


The app was designed to help users address advocacy in real time by contacting elected officials and creating an open forum for issues. Users can engage in custom groups or target specific demographics. 


The app allows barbers and stylists to find space to lease as needed.The app helps decrease the need for unused space while allowing owners to double/triple their revenue and save on overhead. If you are traveling, need space on a temporary basis, or want to stay connected regarding salon spaces available in your area the app may be able to assist. 

Writers Rock

The app gives authors, aspiring writers, publishers, bloggers, editors, and entrepreneurs a platform to promote their work, and find resources needed on their journey all in one place. The app has ongoing contests for writers to win money, yearly scholarships, and listings of events in 50 states.


The app helps with getting children involved in activities, getting kids from school to practice, and watching children while parents go on errands. The app allows parents to connect with other parents. Users can chat with other parents and connect.

Rap Plug

The app is a social networking platform for entertainment professionals. The app community has musical acts, labels, producers, writers, and more. Users of the app are provided with a networking platform to utilize and gain resources.


The app allows underprivileged people who do not have a bank account use this service as an online banking and financial literacy resource. 

The Cook Out

The app is an invitation only app for the black community. The Cook Out was created to address the pain points many black users experience with larger social media apps.

Melanin Enterprise

The app allows you to find local black owned businesses, events, and organizations. It brings black people together and allows networking with Black, Caribbean, and Afro-Latino people.

Melanated People 

The app is a social media platform for melanin people to share history, network, and socialize. The app allows texts, videos, audio, and pictures; all while connecting with other people across the world.